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The Jets talk about Super Bowls. The Ravens play like a team headed to a Super Bowl.


Dallas (minus 3) at Washington

Is Donovan McNabb still haunted by visions of the Dallas defense after moving from Philly to DC? His last two games with the Eagles were lopsided losses to the Cowboys. This should be closer.

COWBOYS, 20-16

Cincinnati (plus 6) at New England

Fans of playmaking wideouts have to love a matchup of T.O. and Ochocinco against Randy Moss and a stunningly fit Wes Welker coming off major knee surgery.


Indianapolis (minus 3) at Houston

Concerns about the offensive line and the defense as a whole in Indy are offset by the Colts’ dominance of this rivalry. Peyton Manning heads for a fifth MVP trophy.

COLTS 30-20

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