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Center Tyson Chandler is one of the few U.S. veterans, playing on the 2007 team that won the Olympic qualifying tournament. He sees the differences in the coaches’ approach now, particularly Krzyzewski‘s.

“On that team you had a lot more veterans, so Coach kind of just managed us,” he said. “But we knew how to communicate with each other, we knew what was expected. We kind of knew what it took.

“In this case, Coach has to be a lot more vocal. He has to explain things a lot more, he has to explain what we’re trying to accomplish, what our goals are, how we have to approach the game. So it’s been a lot more coaching than he did when I was there in ‘07.”

Though aware of the commitment coaching in the summer takes, Krzyzewski wasn’t surprised his whole staff agreed to return “because of how good of guys they are.” He particularly appreciates the NBA coaches who agree to work under a college counterpart, thanking McMillan and Triano during a recent team meal.

“Their season is longer than mine,” Krzyzewski said. “I think it takes a special guy to do that, a pro coach to give up his time to do this, and we’re lucky that we have that continuity.”