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Mr. Haynesworth has been blessed with the financial fortunes of an owner who is paying him to work. But this ongoing drama is not about money.

Its about the intangibles, such as character, integrity, putting forth your best efforts and a man keeping his word.

The Redskins, like the NFLs other 31 teams, trimmed its roster to the maximum 53 players and Mr. Haynesworth survived.

His performance on and off the field of play is the only thing that matters now.

The Haynesworth soap likely wont fade after fans leave FedEx Field Sunday night, which means parents still have plenty of show-and-tell opportunities. Imagine, for instance, a DVD underscoring the selfish antics of Mr. Haynesworth, Terrell Owens (who had his own reality show) and other high-profile players who think “me first.”

A smart entrepreneur could make such a coaching tool happen, and it would sell like hot cakes at a tailgating party in Any City, USA.

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