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“I think every step that he has taken in this process has been geared towards taking responsibility for what he’s done,” Shapiro said.

That the judge called Brown a pedophile “probably fits with the statutory definition of what that is,” he said.

Brown chose to enter the plea to bring a quick resolution to the case and did not want to “exacerbate the harm” by dragging out the proceedings, Shapiro has said.

Three days after prosecutors filed the charges, a car Brown was driving plunged 300 feet over a cliff in Salt Lake City’s Little Cottonwood Canyon. Brown and Lisa Brown, 54, the mother of the group members, were hospitalized after the Valentine’s Day crash that left the Porsche mangled and unrecognizable.

The crash was deemed an accident by Salt Lake County sheriff’s investigators, who said Brown was driving too fast for the winding two-lane canyon road.