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What’s in store but shouldn’t be? Expect another barrage of rhetorical shots from D.C. officials who insist on complaining that the nations capital is being treated like a plantation.

The mud hit the fan late Friday night after Congress reached a budget agreement that avoided a shutdown of the federal government but bans the city from using local funds to pay for abortions.

Playing the race card never looks good on black politicians who embrace eugenics.

Clarifying a misunderstanding: In an April 4 story headlined “Gray tries to turn tide of negative publicity,” I reported that the mayor hired public relations executive Lon Walls, but the city’s communications director, Linda Wharton Boyd, asked for a correction because Mr. Walls and other public information officers are being detailed to the communications office as she re-establishes viable communications operations.


The intent of reporting Mr. Walls’ hiring was to state the facts, which I did and I stand by.

Sometimes, negative publicity is as ingestible as cheap, spicy fast food, and if you don’t prepare for it before you chow down, you pay afterward.

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