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The 5th Circuit ruling comes amid a swirl of news about gay adoption.

On April 7, the Arkansas Supreme Court unanimously struck down a 2008 voter-passed law that disallowed unmarried couples, both homosexual and heterosexual, to adopt or foster.

A similar adoption policy in Virginia also has drawn headlines. Current Virginia policy permits only married couples and single individuals to adopt or be foster parents.

However, this policy was headed for repeal in a proposal written for the state Department of Social Services. The new policy says agencies may not consider sexual orientation, marital status or religion as well as other characteristics when assessing prospective foster and adoptive parents.

When Virginia State Delegate Robert G. Marshall and religious adoption agencies realized this “sleeper measure” was in the policy, more than 1,000 people complained in a public comment website.

Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell has since said he will uphold “the status quo.” In addition, media reports this week said Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has advised a Virginia state board that because the proposed adoption policy “does not comport” with state law, the board cannot adopt it.