Killer twisters hit with little warning

At least 21 killed in N. Carolina by rash of tornadoes

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As the tornado was slamming into the Raleigh mobile home park, another trailer park roughly 100 miles to the south was about 20 minutes from being smashed by a second storm.

Larry Tanner had heard the warnings on TV. At home with his wife and two of his three children, he looked outside, and it was sunny. But his son, a volunteer firefighter, came home to alert him that a tornado had touched down nearby.

Mr. Tanner walked outside and spotted a funnel cloud headed toward the house. It plowed into a building that houses his auto workshop. Inside were several cars, including a classic Camaro.

He was knocked on his back and watched as the winds ripped the roof off the house. In 30 seconds, it was over.

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