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Well, the grand prize is a $100 gift certificate at But what the heck. The Republican National Committee is staging a contest for anyone intent on explaining why they can’t “afford four more years” of President Obama. In a 30-second video. See the details at

“The Republican National Committee intends to wage the 2012 campaign on multiple fronts, including a sharpened focus on social media,” explains chairman Reince Priebus. “We will use the best videos in our campaign to make Obama a one-term president.”


Chicken soup with matzo balls, braised beef brisket, potato kugel, carrot souffle, matzo chocolate cake.

Menu items - described as “not strictly kosher but kosher style” - from the White House Passover seder on Monday evening, attended by President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia, plus a dozen staffers. (From the White House pool report supplied by Politico’s Julie Mason.)


• 57 percent of likely U.S. voters disapprove of President Obama’s job performance, 43 percent approve.

• 54 percent say “it’s time for someone new” in the White House.

• 17 percent of Democrats, 31 percent of independents and 90 percent of Republicans agree.

• 38 percent overall say Mr. Obama “deserves to be re-elected”.

• 73 percent of Democrats, 31 percent of independents and 7 percent of Republicans agree.

• 25 percent overall say the nation is “heading in the right direction.”

• 22 percent approve of the job Congress as a whole is doing.

Source: An IBOPE Zogby International poll of 2,132 likely voters conducted April 13 to 15.

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