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Police open fire on protesters; 1 killed

SANAA | Yemeni security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters in the second largest city on Tuesday, killing at least one, activists and medics said amid rising international concern over the strategically located nation.

The U.N. Security Council was scheduled to meet later Tuesday to discuss the deteriorating situation in Yemen, where rights groups say two months of protests calling for the president to step down have claimed 120 lives.

A government delegation also headed to nearby Abu Dhabi for talks with the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council over a proposal for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to transfer power to his deputy to end the crisis. The opposition held similar talks Sunday.

Thousands of protesters were marching in the southern city of Taiz, a hotbed of anti-government activism, demanding the president’s resignation when security forces opened fire.


Gunmen attack home, kill 3 women

SULAIMANIYAH | Gunmen stormed a house in a northern, ethnically mixed city in Iraq, killing three Shiite Arab women who recently moved there, police said Tuesday.

Police Col. Sherzad Mofaly of Kirkuk said it’s not clear why the women were targeted in the attack late Monday, but simmering ethnic tensions between Arabs and Kurds have long made Kirkuk a potential flash point that could unravel Iraq’s already shaky stability.

The women - a 55-year-old teacher, her daughter and a stepdaughter - moved to Kirkuk several months ago from the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah, Mofaly said. Kirkuk is located 180 miles north of Baghdad.

The teacher’s husband was at work as a gas station guard at the time of the attack, Col. Mofaly said.

Separately, a senior Education Ministry official was killed Tuesday by a bomb that was hidden on his car in Baghdad, according to police and hospital officials.

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