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Rick Kaepernick likes to tell the story of how when Colin was in first grade, before he had any idea he was adopted, he drew a picture of his family with crayons. He used brown crayons to color himself and lighter colors for the rest.

Colin Kaepernick said he’s had some contact with his birth mother through email in recent years, but has no interest in meeting her.

“There’s no question who’s my family, who loves me and who’s taken care of me,” he said.

That’s why, he says, the thought of being stuck for hours backstage at the NFL draft, maybe even having to show up for Day 2 and the second and third rounds, won’t be the deciding factor when he chooses what to do on draft day.

“You definitely have to take everything into consideration. But for me, my goal is to try to be gone Day 1,” he said. “I hope that I’ve done everything to show teams that’s where I should belong.

“But when it comes down to it, I’m really more worried about what’s best for my family and letting them be part of this experience.”

At this point in the draft process, leaks are springing everywhere but it’s hard to tell how much of the information being reported is reliable. Teams try not to show their hands if they are interested in a player and might actually fake interest in one to hide that they are targeting another.

Kaepernick said his agent and family will email him news stories and articles about where and when he might be drafted, but he tries not to pay much attention to the cacophony of pundits and prognosticators.

“Some people might love you, some people might hate you,” he said. “And you’re going to get different opinions from everywhere depending on what people really look for in a quarterback, what they think you’re capable of and what their opinion is of you.”

As the months have past, it seems more and more teams have come to think highly of Kaepernick’s powerful arm and speed.

“To now be considered a first-round draft pick or possibly a first-round draft pick, is something that was my goal and something I thought I was capable of doing,” he said. “I don’t think a lot of other people thought that until they saw me play.

“For me moving up draft boards so quickly has been exciting and it’s been fun.”