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Paul Howell accompanied his grandchildren as they visited the chair dedicated to his daughter, Karan Howell Shepherd, who worked in the Federal Employees Credit Union on the building’s third floor. Mr. Howell said that caring for his daughter’s children has helped him overcome the shock and grief of her death.

“It works in chapters,” he said. “I’ve tried to take care of her kids. I’ve got to be strong for my kids and grandkids.”

Federal prosecutors said Army veteran Timothy McVeigh planned the bombing as revenge for the deadly standoff between the FBI and Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, that killed more than 70 people on April 19, 1993 — exactly two years earlier.

McVeigh was convicted on federal murder and conspiracy charges in 1997 and executed in 2001.

His Army buddy, Terry Nichols, was convicted on federal and state bombing-related charges and is serving multiple life sentences in a federal prison.