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With so few second-rounders of their own, the Redskins have been forced to rent other teams’ second-rounders, such as Randy Thomas (Jets, 1999), Antwaan Randle El (Pittsburgh Steelers, 2002) and John Beck (Dolphins, 2007). You’ll also notice they had Shaun Rogers, the Detroit Lions’ 2001 No. 2, in for a talk before the lockout. Rogers ended up signing with the Saints.

Amazingly, however, with the draft barely more than a week away, the Redskins are still in possession of their second-round pick. It’s probably a good thing, too, since they’ve already traded their third- and fourth-rounders. Naturally, there’s much speculation about their plans. Some observers see them moving up to get a quarterback (e.g. Blaine Gabbert), others see them moving down to replace their missing picks.

If they trade up, of course, you can almost certainly kiss their No. 2 goodbye. Will Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen be able to resist the temptation that Cerrato and his collaborators couldn’t, or will this be another draft where the Redskins are sitting out the second round? We’ll find out soon enough.