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Busch said he didn’t pick Charlotte for Raikkonen, who will likely select his races based on his rally schedule. The Trucks race at Charlotte falls between the rally races at Sardinia and Argentina.

“It’s a big deal for him to be able to fit it in when he can, and Charlotte, they actually picked Charlotte,” Busch said. “For whatever reason, they were adamant about Charlotte and running that race. It will be good for him to get his feet wet, and I think if he can run top-20, top-15, that would be a success.”

Busch’s crew from his flagship No. 18 truck will work with Raikkonen at Charlotte, while crew chief Rick Ren and Busch will recruit volunteers for his entry. Busch is the defending race winner.

Raikkonen will get his first test with KBM Monday at Gresham Motorsports Park in Georgia. Busch has not decided if he’ll attend the test.

Piquet, the most recent driver to leave F1 for NASCAR, said he didn’t know about Raikkonen’s interest.

“He’s a bit of a funny guy. He changes his mind like he changes his underwear. You can never know,” Piquet said. “Maybe he can stay doing this for 1-2 years. Maybe he can do three races and gets fed up. You never know with Kimi.”

Piquet said he’s exchanged emails with Raikkonen and has plans to see him when he gets in the country.

Montoya and Gordon both lauded NASCAR for its ability to attract drivers from different forms of motorsports, but Piquet said there’s still fear in F1 of the unknown.

“Nobody was brave enough to say let’s go to NASCAR. It’s a different culture. A whole different culture,” Piquet said. “All ovals and heavy stock cars. I think they’re scared of doing it. If you ask anyone on the grid, they would love to do a race. But they’re just scared of doing it.

“They’re scared of taking that whole step of moving to America and being part of this culture and family. Everybody just doesn’t know what’s on the other side of the hill.”