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“How do you save the world, you want to know? Wade into the fire. Don’t be afraid to engage in the culture war that we’re now waging. And show no fear. I repeat, show no fear. That’s how you save the world,” Mr. Breitbart said.


It’s apparently still 1968 in San Francisco, with a twist. “Peace Mom” activist Cindy Sheehan writes to say that Code Pink, Peace of the Action and 35 other assorted activist group are organizing an eight-day “Strike California” march from San Francisco to Sacramento beginning May 1, with a familiar refrain. They’re mad about war, irritated by rich people, pining for peace and morose that destitute people still roam the streets of the Golden State.

And one more thing. Now that he’s broached increasing taxes to pay for his state’s budget deficit, Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown may not have as many fans as in days of yore.

“We are planning on constructing a tent city on the grounds of the state Capitol to highlight that even Democrats need to be protested when they protect corporate interests and the war machine at the expense of others,” Ms. Sheehan says. “This class war being waged on us by Democrat and Republican alike.”


• 55 percent of likely voters say U.S. involvement in the political unrest in Libya is “unlikely” to end this year.

• 66 percent of Republicans agree.

• 36 percent say involvement in Libya will likely end by Dec. 31.

• 41 percent overall say U.S commitment to the political uprising in Libya is “about right.”

• 52 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of Republicans agree.

• 32 percent overall say the U.S. is “doing too much.”

• 14 percent are not sure, 13 percent say the U.S. is “not doing enough.”

Source: A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted April 19-20.

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