- - Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Foreign Ministry warns U.S. on human rights talks

BEIJING | China warned the United States on Tuesday not to overstep bounds in human rights talks this week that the State Department says will focus on an ongoing dissident crackdown that appears to be Beijing’s most severe in years.

China hopes the meeting will help deepen mutual understanding, but doesn’t want human rights used as a pretext to meddle in domestic affairs, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters at a briefing.

“We oppose any country that uses human rights to interfere in China’s internal affairs,” said Mr. Hong.

The two-day U.S.-China Human Rights Dialogue starts Wednesday in Beijing. The State Department said last week the talks would focus on the dissident crackdown, rule of law, freedom of religion and expression, and labor and minority rights.

China wants to talk about new human rights developments in both countries, as well as China-U.S. cooperation on human rights at the United Nations.


Voters in final balloting after deadly riots

KANO | Nigerians voted in state governor elections Tuesday in the last of three landmark ballots this month, after presidential polls set off unrest thought to have killed hundreds last week.

Turnout appeared to be down in a number of areas, with reports of some electoral workers refusing to show up out of fear of further attacks and an estimated 74,000 people displaced from last week’s rioting.

Security was tight, with curfews and military patrols having largely restored calm in Africa’s most populous nation, but there were still reports of ballot-box snatching in a number of states.


Bomb kills 8 on bus, but motive unclear

MOGADISHU | A bomb exploded in a minibus Tuesday, killing eight civilians and wounding 13 others in southwest Somalia, a local elder reported.

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