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She sings: “You put me on that path/How could I refuse?/And I’ve spent my whole life out here working on the blues.”

“It was like my ears opened up for the first time and I heard the connection between my ear and my heart,” Harris said. “I crossed a line. It changed the way I heard music. It doesn’t mean country music is the only music, but it became my home base. It became my point of departure, where I could gather in all these other things. But it was like ground zero for me.”

She recently added an electric guitar player to her touring band and said she was beginning to feel excited about sharing the songs with her fans on the road. That means she’ll have to leave her rescue mission to her trusted friends for a while. But she was feeling that old passion for music again, and was ready to chase it for a while.

“And I’ve also started to think about bringing in old material that I haven’t done for a while,” Harris said. “It keeps everything fresh and new.”