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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ridicule is a giveaway of Democrats’ dread

- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 28, 2011

If history has shown anything about the underbelly of the Democratic Party, it is that its members mock what they fear.

In 2000 and 2008, the Democrats proclaimed that Sen. John McCain was the strongest Republican in the running for president. Even the New York Times praised and recommended him - that is, until he was nominated. Then the Democrats and their media friends turned away from him so hard I'm surprised they didn't get whiplash. The same is true for their treatment of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. They seem unwilling to allow the prospect of a smart, conservative woman to take root.

Knowing this gives me second thoughts about the mockery the Democrats are heaping on Donald Trump. Unlike most of the others in the presidential pool at the moment, Mr. Trump has the status and guts not to be frightened by the Democrats. I don't know what kind of a president he would make; if he does run, that question will be answered in debates and primaries.


Vancouver, Wash.

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