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There have been some questions whether Wilkerson’s ability will allow him to be as impressive a player in the NFL because he’s coming from a school that played in the Mid-American Conference. Don’t worry about that, he says.

“I kind of feel like they’re doubting me,” he said. “I really don’t want to buy into it because that would cause confusion with me. I’m just going to go out there, be myself and be the player I know I’m capable of being.”

Despite the labor dispute still swirling and a cloud of uncertainty hovering around NFL teams, Wilkerson tried to not let that take away from the biggest moment in his athletic career.

“Right now, I’m just happy to be a Jet,” he said. “Hopefully, that labor (situation) can take care of itself during the next few days.”

Ryan sent the players an email Thursday night telling them the voluntary offseason conditioning program would begin Monday. That might all be on hold for now. He also welcomed them to work out at the facility Friday, but the players needed to show proof of health insurance to do so _ and it wouldn’t count toward workout bonuses.

Cotchery said quarterback Mark Sanchez will still hold his “Jets West” camp in Southern California next week. The camp, which Sanchez also ran last spring at Mission Viejo High School, will again include a handful of Jets players, including Dustin Keller and Braylon Edwards.

Cotchery participated last year, but will stay back this time around because he had back surgery to repair a herniated disk in February. He was finally able to meet the team’s new strength coach, Bill Hughan, and speak to John Mellody, the Jets‘ head trainer, although he didn’t run into any other coaches.

“I’m just glad to be back in the building again, that’s all I can say,” Cotchery said. “I can’t speak for anyone else. It just seemed like you picked up right back where you left off.”