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Flora Sutherland, from the Isle of Skye off Scotland, is one of several foreigners living in Kabul, Afghanistan, who got together at her house to watch the wedding on TV.

“We just really wanted to host a party for lots of our friends who are here so that they would have the chance to come and watch it and celebrate together,” she said.


1:13 p.m.

Britain’s military media operations team at Camp Bastion, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, has tweeted its best wishes:

“Everyone in Afghanistan is hard at work, but the telly is on and we are watching where we can. Congratulations to William and Kate.”


1:12 p.m.

All you lip readers out there had an advantage over the rest of us during the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, where Prince William made a few comments that the microphones didn’t catch but British media outlets did.

“We’re supposed to have just a small family affair,” the prince supposedly joked to his bride and father-in-law at the altar.


12:43 p.m.

It’s a royal sweep on Twitter, where the 10 top trending terms worldwide are all related, in some way, to the marriage of Kate and Prince William. Here are some of them:

_ (hashtag)RoyalWedding (a hashtag promoted by Magnum Ice Cream)

_ (hashtag)rw11

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