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_ Welsh organic celery salt

_ Langoustines from the northwest coast of Scotland

_ Pork from the Cotswolds

_ English crayfish

_ Windsor Estate lamb

_ Smoked haddock from the east coast of Scotland

_ Beef from the Castle of Mey Selections in the North Highlands of Scotland

_ English rhubarb


2:29 p.m.

Jennie Bond, the royals expert who’s consulting for The Associated Press, kept a close eye on the royal kiss _ and the crowd’s reaction to it.

“Everyone had been waiting for the kiss. The first was a little sober _ a peck. The crowd wanted more, and William and Catherine saw that.”

“The crowd then went wild.”

Otherwise, the crowds Friday were “a little more subdued” than Bond expected.

“There’s more realism. There was a quieter feeling about the day,” she said, “except for when the carriage came by, and the kiss.”

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