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Pro-Gadhafi forces are also going from door to door evicting families at gunpoint. More than 10,000 families have been displaced, causing a humanitarian crisis in Misurata.

The pressure on hospitals was alleviated slightly over the weekend when two ships, one from Turkey and the other from Malta, evacuated more than 250 people wounded in the fighting. A Qatari ship also brought food to the city on Saturday.

“We are in control of much of Misurata, but I wonder how long that will last,” said Mohamed.

“The killing, suffering and destruction just goes on. It really is a wonder that Misurata is still holding up,” he added.

Rebels complain that the international forces are unwilling to hit Col. Gadhafi’s forces inside city limits for fear of collateral damage. As a consequence, they say, the regime’s tanks continue to attack civilians and rebels with impunity while international aircraft circle overhead.

Mohamed said Canadian jets patrolling the skies over Misurata are too cautious.

“We have asked them to take the risk or somebody else should be allocated the area of Misurata, like the British or the French or the Americans,” he said.

The United States said it stopped flying strike missions in Libya as of Sunday. NATO took over command of all operations in the country last week.

This article is based in part on wire service reports.