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“I said, ‘If you play faster on defense, we’ll get faster on offense.’ And quite frankly, it worked out like that.”

Butler had two long stretches without a field goal in the second half. The first lasted 7:07 and the Bulldogs missed 13 shots during that span as Connecticut took a 33-26 lead.

The second lasted 6:09 and they missed nine shots in that one as the Huskies went ahead 41-28.

“They’re a great defensive team,” said Shelvin Mack, who led Butler with 13 points and was the Bulldogs’ only double-figure scorer. “They’re very athletic. They would contest shots that people normally wouldn’t be able to contest.”

Years from now people will see the final score and say it had to be a great defensive effort.

It was. For one team for one half after one heck of a halftime speech.