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Those student gave him and each coach and player a long ovation, but clearly had come to see one in particular.

“Kemba,” said 13-year-old Derek Byers of Burlington. “I just love his playing style. He is awesome.”

Walker also has a decision to make and is expected to declare for the NBA draft. But with a lockout looming, he also left his options open.

“It would be a lot of fun if I came back,” he said. “These guys are my brothers and I love them. So if I have an opportunity to come back, it would be special.”

Police say fans caused minor property damage on campus and in Storrs on Monday night. No serious injuries were reported.

Campus police arrested 24 revelers, and state police made three off-campus arrests. Most were for vandalism, but others were accused of breach of peace, inciting a riot, criminal trespassing and interfering with a police officer. Of the 24 arrested on campus, 10 are UConn students. No one was held and all will be called to court this month.

“For the most part the celebrations were good-natured,” UConn police Maj. Ronald Blicher said. “A few people stepped out of line.”

Police said one car was flipped and a couple of fires were started in dumpsters. A couch was set on fire and a car was overturned at an off-campus apartment complex. State police say a crowd of 200 or so had gathered, and some were throwing bottles at troopers. Dogs were used to disperse the crowd.