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Asked on ABC’s “Good Morning America” whether he meant it when he told police he wanted to kill them, the boy responded: “A little.”

Police said pepper-spraying the boy was the safest option.


New canal planned to fix damage from old ones

MERAUX | On a wedge of Louisiana where criss-crossing canals have killed off native plants and sped erosion, the Army Corps of Engineers has a controversial proposal for undoing environmental damage: They want to dig another canal.

The trench is part of a $3 billion plan to fix damage left by the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet, a 78-mile shipping channel dug in the 1960s. The corps said the work will help protect New Orleans from hurricanes by restoring wetlands, the natural buffer Louisiana is losing along this low-lying coast.

Scientists and many residents of St. Bernard Parish agree that its marshes need an infusion of nourishing Mississippi River water and the land-building sediment it carries. But after a century of flooding and environmental damage caused by misguided water projects — many built by federal engineers — the corps is having trouble selling its latest one.


Ex-billionaire hit with forced bankruptcy petition

BILLINGS | Taxing authorities from three states have filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition against former billionaire Tim Blixseth.

The petition said the real estate baron owes $2.3 million in California, Idaho and Montana. It was filed Tuesday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Nevada.

Mr. Blixseth rose to fame and fortune after founding Montana’s ultraexclusive Yellowstone Club. He left the winter playground for Bill Gates and others before its 2008 bankruptcy. Creditors say he made off with $286 million.

Earlier allegations of unpaid taxes in Montana have been contested by Mr. Blixseth as unfounded.

He told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the bankruptcy petition stemmed from Montana’s “bogus” claims and pledged to fight it.

Mr. Blixseth’s value was once pegged by Forbes magazine at $1.3 billion. Court documents now put the figure at roughly $230 million.

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