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Hoskins “cared about the defendant,” Nedrow said. “He was worried about the dangerous effects of the drugs.”

The defense team contends that Hoskins made the recording in an attempt to extort Bonds. In early 2003, Bonds accused Hoskins of selling memorabilia without Bonds‘ permission. Bonds severed his business relationship with Hoskins and also asked the FBI to investigate Hoskins.

As closing arguments stretched into the afternoon, Bonds‘ attorney Cristina Arguedas attempted to discredit Bell by saying that she “committed perjury” when she exaggerated the shrinkage of Bonds‘ testicles during her appearance before the grand jury. Arguedas also pointed out that Bell posed nude for Playboy and appeared on Howard Stern’s raunchy radio talk show.

Ruby wrapped up his closing argument by urging jurors to dismiss testimony about the size of Bonds‘ head, which grew while he played for the Giants. Prosecutors argued head growth was a side effect of steroid use. Ruby said that there is no scientific proof that steroid use leads to head growth.

“This business about Barry’s head getting bigger, to use a legal term, is stupid,” Ruby said. “All this head lie has done is to demonize Barry Bonds.”

Bonds‘ trial, now in its 12th day, has generally attracted little interest locally but the San Francisco courtroom where the case is being tried was packed on Thursday with spectators and media.