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At-large Council Member David Catania said witness intimidation is a crime.

“That’s a very serious allegation,” Catania said.

Ward 6 Council Member Tommy Wells said there may be more to the story, considering her month-long stay at the W Hotel on the city’s dime and use of a personal driver during her move from Arizona, and the hiring of out-of-state staff and her own son to a city job.

“I think you had a part in that, don’t you think?”

“No I don’t,” Ms. Webb said.

Ms. Cheh said more hearings will be held to accommodate witnesses’ schedules.

Howard Brooks, who Sulaimon Brown labeled as the bagman who provided payments during the campaign, is being interviewed by the U.S. Attorney and will not appear before Cheh's committee until they are done with him.

Lorraine Green will appear on Monday along with Judy Banks, a former human resources employee who had testified at the first hearing and is being recalled.

3:30 p.m.: Milton Boyd, son of mayor’s spokeswoman Linda Wharton-Boyd, said he didn’t tell his mother about his position at Serve DC until after he got the job.

Ms. Cheh read Mr. Boyd’s statement into the record, because he was tied up at George Washington University Hospital for some medical procedures and could not testify. He may appear at a later date.

He said he found the job on his own and applied, going through several interviews before receiving an offer letter for the $65,000-a-year job.

His mother corroborated his statement in her own testimony.

“I had no role at all in his hiring,” Ms. Wharton-Boyd said, noting the same applied to his resignation.

She said her son now works for a restaurant in Chinatown, but she doesn’t know its name.

Mr. Catania wanted to know how Ms. Wharton-Boyd felt about her son working in an agency under the executive office of the mayor, where she works. She said she did not realize that Serve DC had been embedded in the executive office.

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