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“I could have said no, but I said yes,” Chief Ellerbe said, noting Ms. Banks is a human resources professional.

At some point, Mr. Webb told people that his mother, Rochelle Webb, had been appointed to direct DOES, according to testimony.

“I thought that that was something he should stop saying,” Chief Ellerbe said, noting public perception and his concern for Mr. Webb.

He said he eventually got a call from Ms. Banks, saying, “Mr. Webb will have to resign.”

Chief Ellerbe said he asked Mr. Webb to resign, but offered to help him find another job in the private sector.

“I didn’t think he was responsible for the circumstances he was caught up in,” Chief Ellerbe said, noting he had been through his own “media blitz” in the past.

“Once things start rolling downhill, it can be pretty devastating. I was hoping to avoid that for him,” he said.

Tommy Wells, Ward 6 Democrat, said it is odd to hire someone without meeting them, and then say it’s in their best interest to leave without doing anything wrong.

In his turns at the microphone, Ward 8 Democrat Marion Barry defended the mayor’s practices and denounced any notion that the children of Cabinet members hired by Mr. Gray were unqualified for their positions. He said the hearings amounted to a “witch hunt.”

Council Member Harry Thomas Jr., Ward 5 Democrat, also defended Mr. Webb’s qualifications and the way he found his job.

12:20 p.m.:Mr. Catania noted that Mr. Webb sent his resume to his mother shortly after 6 p.m. on Jan. 10. Rochelle Webb sent the resume the next morning at 8:15 a.m. to Judy Banks with the heading, “as we discussed.”

Three minutes later, Ms. Banks wrote back to say Brandon Webb had the job.

“We don’t operate that fast,” Mr. Catania said.

Mr. Webb said he resigned with the understanding he would get a job later. “They did not want my name drug through the mud, sir,” Webb said, referring to FEMS Chief Kenneth Ellerbe and press liaison Lon Walls in “a brainstorming session” over the phone.

He said the promise of a job dissipated, as his resignation date got closer.

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