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“I resigned and I wrote the resignation letter,” Mr. Webb said. “Would I do it again? No I would not.”

Mr. Webb, who is now unemployed, said he felt misled during the ordeal.
“No, they didn’t protect me, ‘cause I’m here now,” Mr. Webb said.

As a point of clarification, Mr. Webb said he is an autonomous adult with a family and did not live with his mother. Council members also commended Mr. Webb’s candor during the hearing.


Ms. Cheh said more hearings will be held to accommodate witnesses’ schedules.

Howard Brooks, who Sulaimon Brown labeled as the bagman who provided payments during the mayoral campaign, is being interviewed by the U.S. Attorney and will not appear before Ms. Cheh's committee until they are done with him.

Lorraine Green will appear on Monday along with Judy Banks, a former human resources employee who had testified at the first hearing and is being recalled.

11:50 a.m.: Arizona resident Brandon Webb said he applied for at least three D.C. jobs back in August and September, but never heard anything.

Months later, when he passed his resume to human resources through his mother Rochelle Webb, the recently appointed head of the Department of Employment Services, he got an offer letter the next day for a position as special assistant to the chief of Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Webb said his resume passed from his mother to human resources employee Judy Banks, but another HR employee contacted him about the position.

“You would not have been hired if it were not for your mother,” at-large Council Member David Catania said. “That is my view.”

Webb’s testimony came at the second hearing on Mr. Gray’s personnel practices, which have been dogged by allegations of nepotism and resulted in investigations by local and federal officials and agencies.

Catania asked Webb if he found it odd that he received such swift service from human resources on his second try.
“The morality of it sir is not a question, because it is an excepted service position.”

Catania said the hearing is not meant to denigrate Webb personally or his qualifications, but to explore possible nepotism in hiring practices by Mayor Vincent C. Gray.

Webb said he, like other children of cabinet members who landed city jobs, decided to resign.

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