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But her unhappiness had more to do with Perry, not her work. She started to feel like she was going through the motions, and “that’s not me _ that’s not my style.”

“I stopped doing production actually a little while ago,” she said. “I hadn’t been happy with some of the stuff I was doing. I thought it sucked.”

Perry started flirting with the idea of working in a band _ something she never thought she’d do again. She came up with the name Deep Dark Robot and knew it would be a great band name. Then she found a great partner: Tony Tornay, drummer for Fatso Jetson, and one of Perry’s close friends.

It took a while before any actual material came from their musical relationship.

“I started a million bands with my friends that have never actually done anything … people get busy. She has her day job and she was busy working with other people, and I have another band that I play in, and I do photography as well,” Tornay explained.

The creative spark for Perry was love. She fell hard for a woman who wasn’t gay, but enjoyed her friendship. It was basically unrequited love, and Perry ended up with a broken heart.

“It was very brief, but it was like an impact, this person, and she ended up being a muse for the record,” Perry said. “So we called it `8 Songs About a Girl.’”

The record has a raw rock sound that is gritty and unpolished _ not by design _ but Perry loves the end product. Although she has a plush multimillion-dollar studio, it didn’t get much use for “8 Songs About a Girl.”

“I set up mics and we recorded. I didn’t go into producer mode, I just made it sound OK,” she said. “The record started out to be demos … but it was so good, we’re like, `there’s no way we’re going to rerecord this; the demos are the album.’”

They’ve taken the same grass-roots approach to the entire project.

Perry said the videos were shot for $3,000, while the album cover was shot on an iPhone camera.

“Everything that we’ve done has come really naturally to us so far, and the second that things get complicated, it just doesn’t feel right,” Tornay said.

The album was released in March. They have already recorded material for a covers CD and are planning other EPs. They’ve been on tour for the last month with a full band, playing club dates, but Perry hopes to build their audience over the next year or so.

Which means those pop artists looking for the Linda Perry treatment will have to go elsewhere.

While she’s got a few side projects she’s still working on, Perry has basically closed up shop as a producer _ for now.

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