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The future Hall of Famer was 183 hits shy entering the season and remained there entering Thursday. He’s still valuable behind the plate but the Nationals can’t afford his anemic bat (.219 since the All-Star break), especially with Wilson Ramos off to a .500 start.

We love Pudge, but I’m afraid Nationals Park will be surrounded by 3,000 bars before he reaches 3,000 hits.

- Why anyone blames Kyrie Irving for leaving Duke.

An open letter in the school paper facetiously implored him to declare for the NBA and “give up your chance to be remembered as one of Duke’s all-time greatest basketball players.” As if No. 1 overall draft picks are forgotten. Just because Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck chose school over salary doesn’t make it right.

Irving was smart; he went with his head instead of his heart.

- How Rob Dibble looks better by blaming Stephen Strasburg’s dad.

In a video, Dibble said his tenure as a Nationals broadcaster ended because “Strasburg’s father e-mailed the owner and basically was offended by what I said.” Unaware of the major elbow injury, Dibble said the phenom needed to “suck it up.”

Earth to Dibbs: Jim Strasburg wasn’t the only person offended by your dunderheaded comment.

- Why Barry Bonds is Public Enemy No. 1.

The feds have spent millions of dollars to prosecute the home run king, who said he used steroids, ahem, “unknowingly.” None of us believes him, but that’s not the point. There’s just no way a simple perjury case should take this much time and money.

Forget making a mountain out of a molehill; this is making a canyon out of a crack.

- How Tiger Woods will regain his dominance.

I hope I’m wrong - and he’s off to a good start at the Masters with a 1-under 71 - but we’ll probably never see the old Tiger again. It’s almost heresy to say that. He proved how maniacal he is about majors at last year’s Masters, when he came off a five-month layoff to tie for fourth.

But it looks like his mystique and aura have been replaced by ho and hum.

- Why the Redskins are demanding season ticket money during the lockout.

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