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“This prosecution in its zeal to go after Barry Bonds will forgive anybody anything, including perjury and mortgage fraud,” Arguedas said. “They will forgive it if somebody is willing to say something bad about Barry Bonds.”

Parrella countered the witnesses could not have all gotten together to implicate Bonds. Prosecutors played a recording Hoskins secretly made of a conversation he had with Anderson in which the trainer discusses giving the player injections.

“Count the number of conspiracies the defendant alleges,” Parrella said to the jury.

He also criticized Arguedas for her aggressive questioning of a tearful Bell.

“All they could do is mock Kim Bell. All they could do is snicker at her. All they could do is rage at her,” he said. “It’s up to you decide whether the manner of her cross-examination was professional.”

Ruby, in turn, attacked the prosecution for not presenting any witness from the grand jury to back up the government’s claim that the grand jury was misled. The jury must find Bonds‘ statements were material that is, important to the grand jury investigation of BALCO.