- The Washington Times - Monday, August 1, 2011


While we recognize the frustration over outage and reliability issues, I want to be sure Pepco customers know what we are doing to improve reliability and service (“Pepco ranks as nation’s most-hated firm,” Web, July 10).

I am proud to have worked for Pepco for 33 years. I know the company is not currently where it wants - or needs - to be in terms of customer care. However, I also know that employees, like me, are dedicated to improving dependability for our communities. In fact, we are investing $500 million to improve infrastructure needs that have plagued the current system and have pledged to spend whatever else necessary to improve reliability.

Besides improving infrastructure needs, we are taking preventative measures to ensure better service by trimming trees, updating equipment and reviewing our restoration procedures. While these enhancements cannot happen overnight, we are working hard each day to make improvements that will keep our customers satisfied.

Pepco is making big changes - both internally and externally. We understand our customers’ concerns and are committed to making positive improvements in our practices.


Lead engineering associate





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