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Curious about the letter that Rep. Peter T. King sent to CIA and Defense officials calling for an investigation into reported Hollywood access to classified materials from the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden? See the New York Republican’s entire communication at


Crop insurance, family planning grants, NASA? Here’s one way to chime in on what gets trimmed from the federal budget, offered by those who insist Congress has “abdicated its budget duties to yet another supercommittee” that could fall prey to special interest groups.

The Tea Party Debt Commission, launched online by the fiscally conservative grass-roots group FreedomWorks, allows visitors to vote on spending cuts with a little point-and-click, and also see projected savings which result. The votes will be tabulated and used to spark a “nationwide discussion” at activist hearings in key cities.

Give it a whirl at


• 75 percent of federal employees think of their agency’s Washington headquarters as a “bureaucracy.”

• 66 percent say there is “tension” between headquarters and employees in the field.

• 59 percent say “fed bashing” on Capitol Hill affects how they are perceived in their own community.

• 63 percent associate the term “politics” when they think of agency headquarters, 39 percent think of “policy wonks.”

• 35 percent associate headquarters with the term “useless.”

• 10 percent say headquarters is “essential,” 6 percent “helpful” and 4 percent “resourceful.”

• 51 percent of federal employees outside of Washington say they “never” communicate with D.C. colleagues.

Source: A Federal News Radio survey of 421 federal employees in civilian and defense agencies; roughly half work outside Washington, half in the D.C. metro area. The findings were released Aug. 8.

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