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Gadhafi uses broadcast to claim son still alive

BENGHAZI | Libyan state television broadcast images Wednesday of a man it said was Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s youngest son in an attempt to refute rebel claims that he had been killed in a NATO airstrike.

Rebels claimed on Friday that 27-year-old Khamis Gadhafi, commander of one of the best-trained and -equipped units in the Libyan military, was killed in the western front-line town of Zlitan.

The Gadhafi regime dismissed the claim and said the rebels were only trying to deflect attention from the killing last week of the opposition’s military commander, possibly by other rebels.

The images on television showed Col. Gadhafi’s son at a Tripoli hospital visiting people wounded in a NATO airstrike and said it was on Tuesday. If the claim is genuine, it would be the first time Khamis Gadhafi has been seen in public since reports of his death.


Anti-tech terrorists claim credit for bombings

MEXICO CITY | A radical group that opposes nanotechnology has claimed responsibility for at least two bomb attacks on researchers in Mexico. It also praises the “Unabomber,” whose mail bombs killed three people and injured 23 in the United States.

A manifesto posted this week on a radical website mentions at least five other Mexican researchers whose work it opposes, and lauded Theodore Kaczynski, who is serving a life sentence for bombings that targeted university professors and airline executives.

It was issued in the name of a group whose title could be translated as “Individuals Tending Toward the Savage.”

Mexico state prosecutors spokeswoman Sonia Davila said authorities were investigating the authenticity of the manifesto.

However, she added, the description of how the dynamite-stuffed pipe-bomb was constructed matched evidence found at the scene of a small explosion Monday at Monterrey Technological Institute’s campus in the state of Mexico, on the outskirts of the capital. Officials had not revealed details about the device, which injured two professors.


Germany hails ‘example’ for EU membership

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