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But the candidates likely won’t receive financial help from the House Democratic and Republican fundraising arms, as both view the district as a Democratic stronghold.

“I don’t know how many resources could overcome a 130,000 voter registration advantage” in favor of the Democrats in the district, the HouseGOP aide said.

Some Republicans also expect the Siena poll results to spur union organizers to campaign more heavily for Mr. Weprin.

“If Republicans in New York want to win this seat, they’ll have to do it on their own, and it’ll have to be relatively organic,” Mr. Wasserman said.

Weprin campaign spokeswoman Elizabeth Kerr also said it’s important not to forget the main message of the Siena poll — that the Democrat is in the lead.

“This poll simply confirms what we already know — that David Weprin is winning this election because New Yorkers know they can trust him to protect Medicare and Social Security and reform the tax code to make millionaires and Big Oil pay their fair share,” she said.