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The 93-year-old man had been allowed to remain free after his sentencing as his lawyer worked though appeals. When he lost his appeal against his conviction in 2010, his lawyer launched a new appeal that he was too ill to go to jail.

Gunter Widmaier, his lawyer, said the prosecutor’s office has now agreed to refrain from sending Scheungraber to jail because of his fading mental capacities.


Former police chief killed near border town

MEXICO CITY | A former police chief for the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua and the border city of Juarez has been fatally shot, authorities said Thursday.

Chihuahua state prosecutors spokesman Carlos Gonzalez said the motive in the killing of Jose Ruvalcaba Plascencia is still under investigation.

Mr. Gonzalez said he knew of no threats against the former official, but noted that Mr. Ruvalcaba had operated a private security company after leaving government service.

Mr. Gonzalez said that Mr. Ruvalcaba was fatally shot at a restaurant in the Chihuahua state capital on Wednesday.

Mr. Ruvalcaba served as head of Chihuahua City police in the 1990s and briefly as Juarez police chief in the early 2000s.


Police arrest protesters at Libyan Embassy

STOCKHOLM | Stockholm police stormed the Libyan Embassy on Thursday and arrested seven people who had broken in and appeared likely to try to kill themselves or set fire to the building, police said.

The group had broken into the Libyan Embassy in Stockholm on Thursday morning in what appeared to be a protest action, and police had been alerted to the intrusion when an alarm inside the building went off.


Human rights group says regime flouting democracy

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