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“If I had the Bucks trainer, I’d be doing everything that I’d be doing during the season, so once training camp comes, my body would already be tuned,” he said. “Now, I have to work out and try to do the things we do there. It’s impossible to know what the trainer actually wants us to do.”

The players didn’t seem too stressed about the lockout on Friday.

Durant and Harden casually shot 3-pointers, and Jackson watched young boys play a scrimmage. Rondo signed autographs at a table outside the gym.

Proceeds from the camp go to Perkins‘ foundation, aimed at helping children learn life skills and teach them drug awareness. Perkins set up the Beaumont-based foundation in 2009, and he plans to expand its reach to other cities.

Jackson, who grew up in nearby Port Arthur, says the players would be attending the camp, even if the lockout wasn’t in place.

“This is our routine. We really don’t start toning things down until the middle of September,” he said. “We’re on our regular schedule. Hopefully, we can stay on a regular schedule and start the season at the same time.”