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Maria Taylor launched her solo career half a decade ago, back when it looked like her dreamy pop band, Azure Ray, had split permanently. Now with the band back in full swing, she is still releasing material on her own, divvying her time between the Azure Ray reunion and solo albums such as “Overlook.”

Recorded over a two-week period, “Overlook” is breezier than most of Miss Taylor’s other work, with a handful of rustic Americana songs hinting at a folksier direction. For old-school fans, there’s still plenty of melancholic pop balladry, delivered over piano and acoustic guitar with Miss Taylor’s fragile alto. The best part about “Overlook” is the way it connects those two camps, mixing mood music for long, lonely evenings with folk tunes for summer days.

‘Glee’ 3D bombs at box office

“Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” made less than $6 million at the box office this weekend, even with the higher ticket prices charged for all 3D films. Ten movies fared better, including the much-maligned “Cowboys & Aliens.” On the other hand, the film’s soundtrack is expected to sell at least 30,000 copies, enough to put in the Billboard Top 10. The “Glee” franchise soldiers on.