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Whether they predicted them or not, the Nationals’ offense came alive after two straight days without games and made it so that Wang didn’t have to be the center of attention. Wang has made four starts in a Nationals’ uniform, each one distancing him more from the grueling two-year rehab he endured in Florida. And each one a step to regaining the stuff that made him a 19-game winner with the New York Yankees.  In that regard, Wang gave his team a chance to win the game.

With six weeks to go in the Nationals’ season, they are 58-62, with a chance at their first-ever winning record. Tuesday, they did what they need to do to achieve that goal.

“The importance of the last month-and-a-half is kind of what we’ve been preaching around here,” Zimmerman said. “The last couple years …  our last month-and-a-half has always been bad. I think we need to concentrate on kind of finishing on an upswing instead of a downswing … for our confidence and for our team chemistry — to know that we can continue to win, I think, is important for us.”