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He also said the chance to play the Bills twice a season was “an added bonus,” but he’s just focused on improving and fitting in with the Jets and Ryan’s defense.

“He wanted to put it out there from the beginning that nothing was going to be given to me and I made it known to him that I didn’t want anything given to me,” Maybin said. “I want to come here and I want to wear my hard hat to work every day and earn every piece of playing time and everything I get for this organization.”

The move to bring in the 23-year-old Maybin is somewhat curious considering the Jets gave up on their own former first-round pick in Vernon Gholston when they cut him before the lockout. Gholston, like Maybin with the Bills, was expected to add an instant boost to the team’s pass rush, but the former Ohio State star had trouble fitting into the Jets‘ system and failed to register a sack in three seasons after being the sixth overall pick in 2008.

Gholston has since signed with the Chicago Bears.

A switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense _ something the Jets run _ didn’t help Maybin succeed in Buffalo. He thinks things will be different in New York.

“There is not a better scenario that you want to come into, especially a coach with that kind of defensive mentality,” Maybin said. “There are a bunch of factors that I think could end up working in my favor. But at the end of the day, it just comes down to wanting to play football and wanting to win. I felt like those are going to be things that I had the opportunity to do here.”