- - Thursday, August 18, 2011


MDA telethon making changes without Lewis

PHOENIX | Comedian Jerry Lewis‘ conspicuous absence will not be the only change at the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s telethon this year.

The Tucson, Ariz.-based association is making major changes to the telethon, slashing it from a nearly 22-hour show to six hours of prime-time television in an effort to boost audience numbers, raise more money and make sponsors and celebrities happy.

The association announced many of the changes Thursday as it moves on from a 45-year partnership with Mr. Lewis.

Mr. Lewis and the association have not said why they’ve parted ways, but the move doesn’t appear to be hindering MDA’s plans for the Sept. 4 telethon.

Association spokesman Jim Brown said that while Mr. Lewis‘ legacy for MDA lives on, the show “will go on” without him.


Archaeologists comb Civil War POW camp

SAVANNAH | A Civil War prison camp in southeastern Georgia is still yielding archaeological treasures a year after its discovery was revealed.

The latest artifacts unearthed at Camp Lawton outside Millen were displayed Thursday at a news conference at Georgia Southern University. They include a Union prisoner’s ring bearing his unit’s insignia and a payment token stamped with the name of a grocery store in Michigan.

Camp Lawton was built by the Confederacy to house about 10,000 prisoners of war. However, it was abandoned after being used for just about six weeks in 1864 before Union Gen. William T. Sherman’s army arrived and burned the camp.

David Crass, Georgia’s state archaeologist, said prisoners were evacuated before they could collect many belongings, but scholars long ignored Camp Lawton because of its brief life span.


Body found accidentally at Niagara Falls is ID’d

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