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Flemming praised the USTA for everything it does nationally and said Young and the organization are “joined at the hip,” so naturally there will be some miscommunication.

“The relationship between Donald and the USTA has never been bad. Along with different relationships you can always have frustration,” Flemming said. “While it was unfortunate some of the things happened in April, I think that was a public display of some things that happen in relationship.”

Young, whose coaching by his parents created some issues with the USTA even before this incident, apologized and deleted his Twitter account. Speaking like a man who learned at least some semblance of a lesson, Young said his relationship with the USTA is good now.

“It’s back to the way it was; I don’t think it ever really changed-changed. It’s a touchy situation,” he said. “They’re still good; they’re still open to helping me out, definitely, and I’ll definitely be utilizing it, so it’s back to normal.”

Well, not quite everything is back to normal. Young hasn’t considered bringing his Twitter account back to life and won’t do so anytime soon.

“No. Definitely not,” he said with a laugh. “I’m kind of missing it a little bit, because I see all these other people on it and everybody’s saying, ‘Did you see that?’ and I have not seen it. But I’ll definitely stay away from it.”