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“We say, ‘Don’t mistake routine with commitment,’ ” quarterback Kriss Proctor said. “It’s easy to get in a routine and just go through the motions and punch the clock. The leaders on this team try to preach to get better every day and win everything you do.”

That will especially be true over the next month, as Navy builds toward its Sept. 3 opener against Delaware. Even a game against a team from a lower division (albeit a consistent national power) illustrates the weekly challenge for the Mids. The average weight of Navy’s projected offensive linemen is 275 pounds; the Blue Hens’ average starting offensive lineman is 292 pounds.

Niumatalolo said that despite a generally easygoing demeanor, he’s willing to “ruffle some feathers” to ensure a casual approach to his program does not emerge.

“Sometimes I get a little nervous about that, that sometimes guys are like ‘Don’t worry, football’s fine, they can practice here’ or ‘They don’t need this for practice,’ ” Niumatalolo said. “I say ‘Let’s wait a minute. Let’s make sure if you’re creating a great meal, you keep adding the same spices.’ “