- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have been a taxpayer all my adult life. I lived in Massachusetts, where I saw people on welfare for life. The state tried to get rid of that, but here in New York, welfare dependency is blooming and breaking taxpayers’ backs.

I have been watching as Washington acts quite the same. None of the lawmakers actually earns the money they are spending, and it is crazy to watch all of them continue to ask for more while not realizing that they’re hurting every taxpayer. We are not the world’s ATM.

My husband is an accountant, and we know that if you don’t have money, you cut back or stop spending. Why is this such a hard thing for Washington to do?

Cut the social programs, education and extra spending. Each and every state already has these things, and we don’t need duplicates in Washington.

For anyone in Washington to say “Let the rich pay more” is crazy as well. Only 49 percent of Americans actually pay income taxes, so for the 51 percent to say “pay more” is beyond belief. Most don’t pay at all, and many of these nonpayers, in fact, get money back from us taxpayers.

I am tired of paying for all these people to be on my back and demand that I shell out more. I truly don’t want to hear it anymore. Washington, stop spending.


Fort Plain, N.Y.



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