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So on some of the things Shapiro alleges _ the most minor claims _ Walsh almost apologetically can understand how difficult it would be for anyone to turn the freebies down.

“I’ve never met Nevin Shapiro,” Walsh says, before adding, tongue in cheek, “he never bought me dinner, never bought me drinks. I’m jealous.”

A few people laugh.

“But in all seriousness,” Walsh continues, “you look at the source. The guy made a living, almost a billion-dollar living, by telling lies. … If the money went from his account to a player’s account, we’ve got problems. If the money went from his account to a player who signed with his agent, Miami’s got problems. That all remains to come out. Some people don’t have the best intentions. They want to be closer to the program and will do anything to get closer.”

And in this case, no one at Miami pieced together the entire Nevin Shapiro story in time to avoid maybe the biggest mess in program history.


AP Sports Writers Betsy Blaney, Tom Canavan, Steven Wine, Paul Weber, Chris Duncan, Michael Marot and Rick Gano contributed to this report.


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