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At least one team came away not impressed enough to take Pryor.

Irsay posted on his Twitter account: “Not taking Pryor …what VET QB would u vote 4 to sign that’s out there? If sum1 has 2 hold the fort early season, who u going with?”

The Colts might be without Peyton Manning, who is recovering from neck surgery, to start the season.

Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Ken Anderson, who has been tutoring Pryor in recent months, was impressed with Pryor’s performance, which lasted roughly two hours.

“He showed good feet and good arm strength,” Anderson said. “Like all young quarterbacks, he has to go out and play football. But he showed what his potential could be.”

Pryor’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has called Pryor a “first-round talent” as a quarterback, but most observers have him going in the middle rounds and perhaps as another position players, such as tight end.

“I would like the opportunity to play quarterback,” Pryor said, “but I’ll do anything that a team needs me to do to win.