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“To see how our team has come together so early pretty quickly, it says a lot to the coaching staff and the job they’re able to do,” Hightower said.

Individual play also reflects progress in several areas.

The Redskins‘ reshuffled offensive line is executing its run-blocking assignments more consistently. New nose tackle Barry Cofield has made a positive impression anchoring against the run and pressuring the quarterback up the middle.

Cofield, a five-year veteran, measured his emotions after the Redskins held backup quarterback Curtis Painter and the Colts to one first down and 41 yards in the first half Friday.

“You’re not going to jump for joy and think you’ve got it all figured out because you’re stopping the Colts without Peyton, but to hold them to as few yards as we did is what we expect to do,” he said. “We’re missing a bunch of [injured] starters on defense, too. Take it for what it’s worth.”