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Collecting Praxis Points through reward or purchase opens a wide variety of powers tied to his cranium, torso, arm, eye, back, skin and legs.

Just keep in mind: Choose wisely, tough guy. The cool factor of enabling a cloaking device, having the ability to see or punch through walls or launch miniexplosives in a 360-degree arc should be tempered against the equal, though less flashy, importance of a simple upgrade to easily hack more stuff or create more space in an inventory.

Now, if I can fault anything in the game, I found it too pedestrian to have to deal with the cliches of multiple boss battles.

Surely, Eidos Montreal could not have created such a lofty cyber-universe filled with infinite interaction and open-ended wonder, only to let me get stuck in a room with some heavily armed mercenary thug repeatedly punching my lights out and causing me to sit through painful load screens to try again?

Also, though the dreary locations and many design pieces were stunning, such as a perspective viewed from a helipad in the dual-layer city area of Shanghai’s Heng Sha (catch the skyscrapers light up the second level of real estate anchored above them) many of the character models were just plain ugly.

Ultimately, Deus Ex: Human Revolution stands above most titles for its depth of design and open-ended choices.

Though it’s not quite a revolution, pitted against such franchises as L.A. Noire, Mass Effect, Splinter Cell, Grand Theft Auto and Fallout, it should be a welcome addition to a serious gamer’s library.