- - Wednesday, August 24, 2011


VP questions circumstances surrounding husband’s death

HARARE — Vice President Joice Mujuru is questioning why her husband, a powerful ex-general, was unable to escape the house fire that killed him.

Mrs. Mujuru told the state-run Herald newspaper on Wednesday that she wants “satisfactory answers” from the investigation into last week’s death of Gen. Solomon Mujuru.

She said she does not understand why her husband was unable to escape from the house’s large, low windows.

His death also has raised questions about the battle within the ruling political party over who will succeed autocratic President Robert Mugabe, 87.

Gen. Mujuru’s powerful military, political and business connections bolstered his wife’s efforts to gain political power.


Government to approve private broadcasters

NOUAKCHOTT — The government plans to authorize the creation of 10 private radio and television stations by the end of the year, a Cabinet member said this week.

Minister of Communication Hamdy Ould Mahjoub said he was asking the media regulatory body “to launch tenders for the creation of five private radio stations and five private television stations.

“This opening should not lead to anarchy. It will be conducted in compliance with criteria that reflect our political and economic environment.”

Private media is practically nonexistent in Mauretania, which has two public television channels and two private ones that are only allowed to broadcast online.

The northwestern African country also has two state-run radio stations. Some radio stations broadcast on the Internet without any formal authorization.

Legislative elections are due in October, but 11 opposition parties have demanded that they be delayed over an alleged lack of transparency in how they are being organized.

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