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Many Tripoli residents, however, said they were confident that the regime is in its final hours and that their city soon would be secure.

Some, like Hana, who only gave her first name, celebrated at Green Square, the city’s main plaza that the rebels renamed Martyrs’ Square.

“Most of the neighborhoods are controlled by rebels and are safe,” she said.

Tripoli is still facing severe shortages of fuel and food. Hospitals are overflowing with gunshot victims, and doctors say they lack adequate medical supplies.

On Wednesday, the city was abuzz with rumors that Gadhafi loyalists had poisoned the water supply. Residents were relying on bottled water.

Meanwhile, the rebels received another diplomatic boost Wednesday when the African nations of Chad and Burkina Faso recognized the rebel council as the legitimate government of Libya.

The leaders of both countries had been close allies of Col. Gadhafi and had received money and training from his regime.